"Thank you Philip for another enlightening session ... I came in almost accidentally, and am so glad I did - it's been hugely enriching."  A.K. London, UK.

"Thank you very much for the inspiring study session yesterday ... I hope you will do a lot more publishing as you have many unique insights into Shakespeare which the world and posterity should have the opportunity of hearing about!"   E.C. London, UK.

"Thank you very much for the riveting session we had this evening. The years rolled by and I was a student once more. I enjoyed listening to your views on the sonnet we were looking at today - the part about silence was particularly relevant, especially since I practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis. I often tell my students to read aloud and feel the words. I will now tell them to pause for two seconds at the end of each line! It's so powerful!"   J.M. New Delhi, India.

"Thank you Philip for the sonnets' course which was really insightful ... it's excellent!"   S.T. London, UK.. London, UK.

"Thank you for the lovely adventure you have invited me to join. Manifestation is rich in events and to enter such a magic world has been a source of reflection and delight."   M.L. Rome, Italy.

"Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your classes and how inspiring and awakening they were.You breathed life into Shakespeare's words and reminded me that they are as much about sound as they are about texture, time, space, rhythm, movement and much more. I am looking forward to Macbeth!"  A.E. Dublin, Ireland.

"Very much enjoying the fantastic poetry of the Bard - as you say - it just keeps unpacking meaning, and is wonderfully musical. Sending love."   C.H. Worcester, UK.

"Many thanks again for your inspiring and thought provoking sonnet evenings. I shall certainly spend more time reading and 'listening' to them - you have opened a doorway..."   R.A. France.

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