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 Course now completed. Audio recordings of all six sessions available for £20.


The second part of Henry IV continues to chart the evolutionary journey of it's three main characters, King Henry IV himself, his son and heir to the throne 'Hal' and the bewitching Sir John Falstaff.

The first in a perpetual state of unrest struggles to overcome his enemies, and dies not in Jerusalem as he had predicted, but in the Jerusalem chamber of the palace of Westminister. His son is proclaimed as the new king, Henry V, and finally turns his back on the wasteful company embodied by Falstaff and his cronies. Falstaff himself at last finds that his wit and bravura will no longer save him from the sword of justice. 

The newly annointed king's famous words to him: 'I know thee not, old man.' are among the most poignant in the whole of the Shakespeare cannon. 

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